High-Quality European Auto Brake Services in Kalamazoo

Whether you’re coming to a sudden stop to avoid an accident or simply driving on your daily commute, you need to know that you can count on your car’s brakes. The more you drive and as the miles add up, your brakes may begin to wear down and impact the type of performance that you receive. Annual maintenance and having your brakes routinely inspected will help you prevent any performance issues from occurring and ensure that you can always drive with confidence. When it comes to your European car, the expert technicians at Master Mechanics make sure that taking care of your brakes is as easy & convenient as possible. For years we’ve proudly been the go-to shop for drivers all throughout the Kalamazoo area.

Quality Service for the Area’s Most Popular Brands

At Master Mechanics, our ASE certified mechanics have decades of experience offering specialist level brake services & repairs for all models of:

Each make & model has unique needs for their brakes and our technicians work with you to make sure those needs are always met. Using the latest factory-grade tools & equipment available, we thoroughly inspect & repair even the slightest issues. We’ll also mark any potential trouble areas that you want us to fix later on, you always have final say on what repairs you want made now and what you want to plan on for the future.

Signs of Failing Brakes

It’s unlikely that your brakes will fail without warning but paying attention to warning signs is essential to catching issues before they get any worse. Some common signs of potential brake failure can include:
  • Squealing or grinding noises while driving
  • Wobbling or scraping when braking
  • Visibly leaking fluid
  • Breakers or Fuses
  • Brake pedal feels soft or spongy
  • Car pulls to one side while braking
  • Burning smell when driving
  • Evaporator Coils
  • Car bounces up and down when stopping
No matter what issues you’re experiencing, our technicians have the training and the equipment needed to get you back on the road with a car you can trust.

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Located in Kalamazoo, for over 30 years the team at Master Mechancis has
continued to help drivers from surrounding areas as well including:

If your brakes are acting up or you would like to schedule preventative maintenance, please call or visit our shop today.