Principal Saab Maintenance & Servicing Shop in Kalamazoo

One of the most popular European vehicles ever, Saab has built a rabid and loyal fan base over the years even though they don’t manufacture new models anymore. Since new parts aren’t being manufactured anymore it can be extremely difficult for Saab owners to find quality services and repairs. At Master Mechanics in Kalamazoo however our mechanics have decades of experience working with Saab vehicles and know exactly how to ensure that your car stays in perfect working condition.

Driver Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Master Mechanics all of our mechanics are ASE certified and we use the latest factory tools and equipment available for all of our services. This includes all mandatory Saab maintenance items such as:
Saab Car

Our shop provides affordable, quality repairs designed to keep your Saab as close to original as possible and up to the high standards you expect.

Your Neighborhood Saab Shop

Master Mechanics has helped drivers in the Kalamazoo area for over 40 years; this includes cars from nearby cities:

While Saabs may not be in production anymore the team at Master Mechanics is here to help maintain the high service standards associated with each Saab model. Please call or visit us today to schedule your next service appointment or with any questions regarding repairs.