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How to Deal with ABS Failure in Your Land Rover

Land Rover ABS Failure

When you hear ABS failure, you may not be certain what this means for your Land Rover. ABS is the anti-lock braking system in your Land Rover. Therefore, ABS failure is a very serious problem that may easily result in dangerous situations and even crashes and fatalities. Let’s take a look at failure and how to keep yourself and those around you safe on the road.

Powerful acceleration, braking, and handling are essential to enjoying a nice ride, particularly in rugged vehicles such as Land Rover. Paying attention to the cues that indicate poor performance in any one of these aspects may point to the onset of ABS failure. Here are some tips for understand this problem and how to handle it.

What is ABS Failure?

ABS stands for anti-lock braking system, which essentially acts prevents the wheels from locking up suddenly when the brakes are applied very strongly. This is very important for tight situations such as avoiding collisions, when maximum braking might be needed. Still, when stomping on the brake pedal, the friction of the brake caliper with the wheel may cause the car to stop too suddenly, potentially causing the vehicle to do a front flip or hydroplane.

When the brake pedal is pressed all the way down during normal driving, the pedal will actually be pushed back up by the ABS, creating a pulsating sensation that serves to ensure that braking is performed safely. Without ABS, or in the case of ABS failure, the anti-lock braking system may not be able to adequately prevent the wheels from locking and therefore may result in heavy damage to the brake calipers, the wheel, and possibly to the front of the car.

Identifying ABS Failure

If you have ever felt the anti-lock braking system function, you know that it happens when the brake pedal is pressed down too forcefully. The brake presses back up against your foot. In some cases of ABS failure, however, ABS can malfunction by applying too much braking or not enough to avoid a collision.

Slamming on the brakes while driving at a moderate speed should engage ABS, and the absence of this may indicate ABS failure. Likewise, normal braking that engages ABS may also indicate an ABS failure. These can also be the result of malfunctioning brake calipers, so it is recommended to have those checked or replaced first.

In general, any abnormality with the brake function may be due to ABS failure. This usually takes the form of heavy brakes or brake pumping, where ABS functions improperly and engages even when the brakes are pressed lightly. Since braking is such an integral part of staying safe on the road, it is integral that any related problems be dealt with immediately.

Dealing with ABS Failure

Since ABS is primarily an electrical system, fixing it can be very tricky and complicated. First, the ABS functions by the ABS sensor, which detects heavy braking. This then causes the ABS ring to prevent further braking. This entire module is electronically linked to the heads-up display of the vehicle. A flashing ABS light may indicate ABS failure. Once this occurs, there is likely an electronic problem that is causing ABS to engage at inappropriate times. The way to fix is by reprogramming or resetting the module.

Like almost all other electronic systems, it is very sensitive and fragile. While some mechanical problems can easily be fixed by replacing simple parts, ABS is typically specific to the make and model of the vehicle, so it can be quite difficult to fix for someone without experience. For something so sensitive and complicated yet so important for safety, the best choice is to seek a professional mechanic to properly fix the ABS system.

The Solution to ABS Failure

As you can see, ABS failure is a serious Land Rover ABS Issue Check problem that can very easily result in the inability to slow down on the road. This can result in an unfortunate accident. If you suspect your brakes are not functioning properly and want to get it checked out, visit Master Mechanic Auto Repair in Michigan with convenient locations in Battle Creek, Portage, and Kalamazoo. They offer the expert specialists you need to get your ABS failure fixed so you will not have to worry about being able to stop at a red light or avoid an accident.