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Mercedes Ignition Coil

Mercedes has long embraced the philosophy of “the best or nothing”. This motto reflects the company’s relentless pursuit of perfection in every aspect of its vehicles. The brand believes that customers deserve nothing less than the absolute best.

The way Mercedes pushes its boundaries in terms of innovation will definitely shape the future of mobility. Although it tries to stay committed to ensuring that every owner enjoys smooth performance & the highest degree of automotive excellence, it encounters issues on odd occasions. When it suffers from ignition coil troubles, you will feel frustrated while driving & it may leave you in need of professional assistance.

This article describes some handy pieces of enlightenment in this regard. Let’s grab more knowledge about it here.

The Importance Of An Ignition Coil

In the ignition system of a vehicle, there exists an ignition coil which is considered a very cardinal component. It comes with the ability to generate & deliver the high voltage required to ignite the fuel-mixture in the engine’s combustion chamber. The conversion of low voltage to high voltage takes place through the ignition coil. Because of this conversion, the spark plug finds it feasible to generate the needed amount of spark.

By keeping the ignition coil healthy, it is possible to ensure consistent & optimal ignition performance. And when the ignition system works fine, you can have a very reliable driving experience.

Causes Of Ignition Coil Failure

  • Overheating: The insulation materials present inside the ignition coil can deteriorate over time due to excessive heat, causing ignition coil failure in the end. Prolonged high engine temperatures, & an improperly maintained cooling system can contribute significantly to this inconvenience.
  • Vibration & Physical Damage: Constant engine vibrations can take a toll on the ignition coil. Rough handling can kill the integrity of the ignition coil completely. When any of it stays for a sustained period, it can result in a severe safety inconvenience.
  • Electrical Surges: The occurrence of voltage spikes or surges in the electrical system can put undue stress on the ignition coil, forcing it to fail prematurely. Because of faulty wiring & malfunctioning alternator, these surges occur & kill the coil eventually.

Signs Of Ignition Coil Failure

  • Loss Of Power: When the ignition coil fails, your Mercedes suffers from power loss pronouncedly. When the loss of power occurs, the acceleration becomes sluggish & you need to press the gas pedal for too long to receive a better response from your vehicle.
  • Illuminated Check Engine Light: If you drive your vehicle with a failing ignition coil, you will see a flashing CEL light on the dashboard all along the ride. The CEL light can illuminate due to other mechanical or electrical malfunctions. But remember- a glowing check engine light can be one of the indications of a defective ignition coil.
  • Decreased Fuel Efficiency: Ignition coil troubles can lead to incomplete combustion, causing the engine to run less efficiently. As a result, you may experience a sudden drop in gas mileage, forcing you to make more frequent visits to the gas station.

Ignition Coil Failure Prevention Tips

No matter how well you take care of the ignition coil, you can’t prevent its failure completely. But by taking the right preventive measures at the right time, you can hold over the breakdown. Those preventive measures are stated below. Take a look at them!

  • Replace the spark plug timely to avoid the coil from experiencing unnecessary load.
  • Make sure the coil casing does not have any leaks. If you find a fault, take the help of a mechanic straight away.
  • Follow the maintenance schedule recommended by the manufacturer to keep the coil in pristine condition for a longer period of time.

Expert Solutions At Master Mechanics Auto Repair For Your Mercedes Ignition Coil Issues

At Master Mechanics Auto Repair, we understand Mercedes Ignition Coil Check how it feels when something like an ignition coil fails when you are on a ride with your adorable Mercedes. That’s why our team of expert technicians stays committed to offering top-notch solutions to address the ignition coil troubles effectively.

Our team uses state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to fix the issue with precision. Battle Creek, Portage, & Kalamazoo, MI, are some of the locations to which we are absolutely convenient to offer the best solution. Stop by our trusted repair facility & let our knowledgeable staff meet your satisfaction through affordable cost & accurate repairs.