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7 Ways To Improve Your Audi’s Fuel Economy

Audi Fuel Economy

Do you own or drive an Audi that takes way more fuel than you would like? The fuel economy has become the main worry for most drivers and this is particularly true because of the current cost of fuel. Whether you are running in the city or rolling on the highway, there are smart tactics you can use to go farther with the same amount of fuel in your tank. The following are seven proven ways to enjoy better fuel efficiency for your Audi while keeping more money in your pocket.

Regular Maintenance

Keeping your Audi in tip-top condition is a must if you want to enhance the fuel economy. An oil change is necessary because an engine might have to work hard by using more fuel if the oil is old or dirty. Another aspect that has to be considered is a clean air filter which if it is clogged reduces the air that reaches the engine and makes it less efficient.

Inspection and replacement of spark plugs when necessary ensures that your engine runs smoothly and fires at the right time. Whenever all your engine parts are in good working condition, they will have to work less and consume less fuel.

Proper Tire Inflation

Proper inflation of tires is one of the ways you can make sure that your Audi saves fuel. Under-inflated tires provide more rolling resistance, making your engine use more power to run the car. When more power is needed to run the car, it will make the car more thirsty which is a catalyst for more fuel burning.

In order not to let this happen, check your tires often and make sure that they are not underinflated and inflated to the recommended level by your vehicle manufacturer. Correctly inflated tires not only save fuel consumption but also improve the ability of your car to handle roads and maintain safety.

Lighten the Load

Excess weight tends to be detrimental to fuel efficiency in any Audi. When you have a vehicle that is carrying more weight, it will require more power from the engine which means you have to burn more fuel to meet the power demand. To get better fuel economy, clear any undesired items from your trunk and back seat. Whether it is a bag, a hand drill, a lawn mower, or any other thing that you don’t use daily, they should not be in your car unless you need them for the trip. Lifting these loads from your Audi will help it move more easily and also use fuel effectively.

Smooth Driving Habits

The way you drive has a huge effect on fuel consumption. Please do not start and stop suddenly, instead, you should drive at a consistent speed. Use your car’s cruise control on highways to maintain a constant speed. By predicting the traffic flow, you can keep the sudden braking and acceleration to a minimum.

Use the Right Fuel

Remember that the kind of fuel used should be as per the Audi specification. The result of using a grade lower than what is needed is the increased stress of the engine which leads to lowered fuel economy and, in certain cases, to the engine damage. It is imperative to always adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure the best speed and efficiency.

Limit Air Conditioner Use

Running your air conditioner can increase fuel consumption. One of the ways you can be more eco-friendly is by using the A/C less and employing ventilation whenever possible.

Reduce Idling

Idling uses fuel but it has no benefit. When you stop for more than a minute or two, the alternative is to turn off the engine. Modern Audis have been designed to handle starts and stops much better than their older counterparts so there is no reason to toll your engine when it is waiting at a long stoplight or in a drive-thru.

Where Should You Go For Your Audi’s Maintenance?

At Master Mechanics Auto Repair, we know Audi Oil Change Service that your car’s health is very vital and this is why we are in the business of ensuring that your Audi is in top shape for better performance and fuel efficiency. We have skilled and knowledgeable mechanics who can take care of all your Audi maintenance needs.

Our shop is in Kalamazoo, MI, and we also serve drivers from the surrounding towns like Battle Creek and Portage. Whether you want to schedule a regular maintenance service or you need to repair some Audi parts so you can have more fuel efficiency, our skilled team is here to serve you. Book an appointment now or phone us to keep your Audi vehicle in top shape and fuel efficiency.