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Causes of Spark Plug Failure in Audis

Audi Worn Out Spark Plug

Car problems are never fun to deal with. It can be a pain to figure out the problem, and then you have to figure out how to fix it after you’ve found the source. A great way to lower the chance of unexpected problems occurring is through regular preventative maintenance to your vehicle.

Through regularly scheduled services and staying up to date on the maintenance recommended in your manual, your auto mechanic may be able to help you identify problems before they get too serious, which can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. Just make sure that your mechanic is familiar with working on your type of vehicle, because they will be aware of common problems that your vehicle may experience.

Failing spark plugs will affect the performance of your vehicle and are generally not good for your car. It is typically recommended that you replace your car’s spark plugs every 30,000 miles or so, in order to ensure that your vehicle maintains proper performance. Spark plugs were never meant to last for the entire lifespan of your car, so you should expect to change them at some point, or ask your trusted auto mechanic when they think you should consider changing them.

What are Spark Plugs?

Spark plugs are the part of the engine that create the spark which ignites the mixture of air and fuel within the engine cylinders that produces the energy your car needs in order to run. They are a vital part of your vehicle’s performance and are part of the ignition system in your car that keeps it running.

When the spark plugs begin to fail, it will be a noticeable difference and should be addressed quickly. Below are some of the signs that tend to be common when your spark plugs are starting to fail or have failed already.

Signs of Faulty Spark Plugs

There are some common signs that your car may be experiencing an issue with its spark plugs. If you start to notice that your vehicle has uneven idling and is starting to vibrate more than normal, this could be an indicator that you are need to check your spark plugs.

Another sign that is generally associated with a malfunctioning spark plug is that your car may start to have a tougher time cranking. Since the spark plugs are the component that create the spark the allows for the energy to be produced in order for your vehicle to run, if you have trouble starting your car, one possible cause could be worn out spark plugs. Your engine may start to stall or take longer to start, which will start to drain your car’s battery life. If you have begun noticing that your car is taking longer to start, it may be wise to get it checked out because if you drain the battery too much, or else you may have to replace it as well.

Finally, another common indicator of a spark plug failure is an increase in your car’s fuel consumption. Spark plugs function by creating energy through combustion. When the air-fuel mixture is ignited, it creates a small explosion that produces energy to move the cylinders. If you have faulty spark plugs, this process is not efficient and will require more fuel to produce the energy needed for your car to run. You may notice a significant increase in fuel consumption, so it is wise to get that checked out immediately, so you are not spending more money on fuel.

How We Can Help

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