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Which Volkswagen Valves Need Regular Replacement?

Volkswagen Blown Engine Valve Sign

In a car as reliable and trustworthy as Volkswagen, proper care is essential to keeping your vehicle performing at a peak level. Parts are not made to last forever, and some valves on your Volkswagen will inevitably need replacement.

There are many different valves serving a variety of purposes under the hood of your car. When a valve needs replacement and that need is neglected, there can be long term repercussions. For example, certain valves on the engine head are responsible for regulating air flow in and out of the cylinders. If these valves aren’t replaced at the right time, your car engine may not go through the combustion cycle as it should.

Which Valves Need to Be Replaced on Volkswagen

As mentioned, there are a wide number of valves within your Volkswagen with varying importance. That being said, there are a few of those valves that rise above the others when it comes to the need for replacement.

Intake Valves

The engine valves on your Volkswagen may wear out and stop opening at the proper time. Not only can this stop the combustion cycle within the engine, but it can also lead to engine overheating. This may be an expensive fix. If your vehicle has aged 80,000 miles, it is best to take it in for an engine valve replacement.

Spring Valves

Valve springs are tiny little springs inside the engine compartment of your car that take away pressure from the camshaft and rocker arm. This then frees up those parts to handle their specific purposes while the spring valves take on the compression of the car.

Exhaust Valves

One other valve that should be replaced in your vehicle at the proper time is the exhaust valve. This is an important valve because it works in conjunction with the intake valve. Rather than letting air in, it allows air to escape. This is equally important as overheating can easily occur and become a headache, as this heat damages the engine over time.

Signs a Valve Needs to Be Replaced

Now that we’ve outlined the three most common valves that need replacement, how do you know when it is actually time to replace those valves? Your owner’s manual will recommend replacement in the range of 80,000 to 100,000, depending on your model.

Putting large mileage on your car can naturally cause a need for replacement. Checking the owner’s manual of your vehicle is the best way to ensure you get maintenance at the proper time. That being said, vehicle issues often arise unplanned.

Here are a few common warning signs that certain valves under the hood may be going bad:

  • Engine Misfire: No car, let alone a car as reliable as Volkswagen, should have to go through repetitive engine misfires. If your engine repeatedly misfires, it is advised to take your vehicle to a trusted shop.
  • Idling: When an intake valve under the hood goes bad, an accumulation of vacuum at the intake manifold could bring too much oil into the engine bay and overload the system. More often than not, this would appear as a rough idle.
  • Smoke: As stated earlier, engine overheating is a major symptom of a blown intake or exhaust valve. If smoke rises from the hood of your car, pull over to the side of the road and turn the vehicle off. Not allowing air to come in or escape the engine bay is incredibly dangerous. Call for a tow to your nearest trusted auto shop.

How Master Mechanics Auto Repair Can Fix Your Volkswagen

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