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Maintain an Efficient Braking System in Your Volvo in Kalamazoo

Volvo Braking System

A Volvo owner’s level of commitment to proper brake maintenance can sometimes mean the difference between a healthy vehicle performing at peak condition and potentially deadly collisions on the road. Due to the braking issues associated with the brand, it is imperative that you pay special attention to maintaining your Volvo’s braking system.

This article will cover several of the best practices to maintain an efficient braking system. We will also provide you with information on what to do when repairs are necessary.

Inspect the Brake Pads and Rotors

The brake pads and rotors are the parts of the braking system that interact with the tires. As a result of the friction created between the pads and the tires, the brake pads and rotors often deteriorate at a faster rate than other parts of the vehicle: this can decrease your vehicle’s ability to brake. Therefore, it is important to occasionally inspect these parts for signs of wear.

A sudden increase in stopping distance, burning odors while braking, and an increase in the amount of pressure you have to apply to the brake pedal in order to stop your Volvo are all indications that your brake system is not running efficiently.

While you can perform brake pad and rotor inspections at home by removing the tire, it is generally recommended that a professional inspection be conducted every six months and equipment replacements to be performed by trained technicians.

Preserve the Brake Lines

The brake lines in your Volvo allow brake fluid to travel throughout the entire braking system. Brake fluid attracts moisture, and over time, this moisture has a tendency to corrode the metal components in the brakes. This generally decreases the stopping power of your braking system. Therefore, it is crucial to have your brake fluid inspected and changed every 25,000 miles.

Another problem to be aware of is the possibility of air bubbles getting trapped in the brake line. Air bubbles can disrupt the flow of brake fluid through the line, deteriorating your vehicle’s ability to stop. Bleeding air from the brake line should be performed every two to three years during a scheduled brake inspection service.

Practice Safer Braking

One of the easiest ways to maintain the braking system in your Volvo is by simply using your brakes in a gentler way. Braking earlier when approaching a stop, limiting transportation in wet conditions, and removing any unnecessary weight from the vehicle are three painless ways to help increase the lifespan of your Volvo’s brakes, as well as maintain the high performance standards associated with the brand.

Replacing Your Brakes

Regardless of how much care you put into the maintenance of your Volvo’s braking system, eventually the wear and tear of the road will deteriorate certain pieces of equipment, requiring them to be replaced. When replacing parts of your braking system, there are a few factors to take into consideration:


On the road, you trust the brakes in your Volvo to help provide safety for everyone on the road, your passengers, as well as yourself. When it comes time to replace parts of that system you so heavily rely on, it is vital that you trust the people working on your automobile to recognize the importance of quality mechanical service.


Dealerships are typically where European car owners first consider going for repairs. However, you can often find skilled technicians capable of performing the same work at a fraction of the cost in privately-owned shops.


When the time comes to replace a part of your Volvo’s braking system, many owners will take the present opportunity to upgrade to a higher quality piece of equipment. An example of this would be switching from metal to ceramic brake pads, as they typically last longer and function more quietly. Upgrading braking system equipment can improve both the lifespan and performance of your Volvo.

Volvo Braking System Repair

Master Mechanics Auto Repair is Here to Help

Braking system maintenance is important for everyone, not just Volvo owners. However, with a brand-specific history of problems, maintaining an efficient braking system in your Volvo is even more important.

At Master Mechanics Auto Repair, our ASE-certified technicians have been servicing clients throughout the Battle Creek, Portage, and Kalamazoo, MI area for over 40 years. Equipped with the latest factory-grade tools and equipment, we pride ourselves on offering dealership-quality service to our clients at an affordable price.

Whether your Volvo is in need of a routine inspection, repairs, or you just want to learn more about our technicians’ qualifications for servicing your Volvo, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Find out what we can do for you.