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Causes of a Rattling Noise from the Rear Suspension of Your Mercedes

Mercedes Rear Suspension

The Mercedes brand is renowned as one of the world’s leading luxury automobile brands. They constantly serve their drivers with exciting driving experiences, a sleek interior design, and high-performance engines. Amidst such glamor and beauty, the Mercedes car is not free from the discomfort and faults that plague other cars. One such issue that your Mercedes is likely to face is a rattling noise from the rear suspension.

This rattling sound is not only concerning, but it is an indicator of an even bigger issue for your Mercedes if not properly handled and quickly enough. It is very important that you have a clear understanding of the causes and possible effects of the rattling noise from the rear suspension of your car. This would help you prevent it from total breakdown or safety risks associated with the malfunction.

The Suspension in Action

A suspension system’s primary function is to provide a comfortable ride while maintaining safe vehicle handling. You might have noticed lots of bumps if you’ve used public transportation on a bus or if you’ve ridden in an old car. The suspension of the vehicle is to blame for this uncomfortable ride experience.

Mercedes designed their suspension system to mitigate vibrations, bumps, dips, and motion caused by road imperfection. This provides a smooth and comfortable experience for the driver and all passengers in the cabin.

Component of Your Mercedes Suspension

Although suspensions come in a variety of styles, all have these three major components:

  • The Spring: The spring in your Mercedes is made of a steel coil spring. It helps in maintaining the suspension level by stretching and compressing whenever the wheel moves up or down. It is simply done to absorb shocks.
  • Shock Absorber: The shock absorber is another unique component in your car’s suspension system that helps in absorbing all the stored energy from the springs and further transforms the energy into heat.
  • Anti-roll Bars: These are very vital components in the suspension system, the main purpose of the anti-roll bars is to maintain the weight distribution of the car even when making turns. When attempting a tight turn, you might completely roll over your vehicle if they are out of place.

Possible Causes Noises in the Rear Suspension

There are several factors that can cause a rattling noise from the rear suspension of your Mercedes, but we will be considering the most common factors:

  • Lack of lubrication in car’s suspension components: You must lubricate most of your Mercedes suspension components regularly to keep them running. The lubricant allows all components of the suspension to move properly. A lack of lubricant will cause irritating squeaking sounds, not to mention degradation, as the metal parts of the suspension grind together.
  • Aging in a ball joint: The ball joints in your Mercedes are the pivoting areas between the car’s wheels and suspension that provide free-movement. Any time you start noticing a squeaking sound from your rear suspension, it could be that the ball joint in your car is faulty. This requires the urgent attention of our certified Mercedes specialists.
  • Damaged bushing: A bushing is a component of the car that is mounted on the ball joints of your car’s suspension. It is mostly made of rubber and it helps in absorbing excess vibrations produced in your car’s joints to minimize the noise. If for any reason the bushing of your Mercedes car is faulty, damaged, or worn-out, it is important to bring your car to our experienced automotive specialists right away.

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