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How to Fix Gear Selector Issues in Mercedes

Mercedes Gear Selector Issues

For generations Mercedes vehicles have represented a higher standard of luxury vehicle. They are renowned for their performance and reliability, which makes it, even more of a problem when you run into issues such as gear selector failure. Any issues with the transmission are typically cause for concern but gear selector failure is usually more inconvenient and expensive to repair. It’s important to recognize the early warning signs so that you can prevent long-term problems. This article will focus on the early warning signs, common causes for gear selector failure and finally what to do if your Mercedes is experiencing gear selector issues or complete failure.

Common Warning Signs for Gear Selector Issues

Gear selector issues are a common problem for Mercedes cars as they are one of the highest reported issues each year for drivers. The tricky part of diagnosing the issue is that various symptoms are often similar to symptoms of other Mercedes problems. Depending on if your car is an automatic or manual transmission it’s important to have expert mechanics perform the proper diagnostic checks to make sure that it is the gear selector that is experiencing issues. Still, these are just a few of the most common signs of gear selector issues:

  • Clicking/Grinding noises when shifting
  • Rough shifting
  • Trouble shifting gears from drive to reverse

Another indication that something is wrong with your transmission is if your Mercedes begins to slip into “limp mode”. This will disable the shifting gears and will lead to the transmission setting itself to a defeat gear, typically second or third to protect the transmission from accruing any further damages.

Causes of Gear Selector Failure

Valve Body Failure

In your Mercedes’ transmission the valve body helps transmission fluid flow throughout the system which helps keep gear shifting smooth. Over time the valve body can suffer from wear and tear or if it becomes damaged you will notice the impact that it has when trying to shift gears in your Mercedes. If the issue is with the valve body then the part will have to be completely replaced.

Wear and Tear

No matter what type of transmission you have in your car over time it will begin to show signs of wear and tear. All of the components like the gears and cables can start to wear out with prolonged use and over time. It’s important to keep up with routine services and also making sure that your transmission fluid is regularly checked and replaced as needed. These service steps will help to prevent accelerated wear and tear and will also allow your Mercedes mechanic to check for other damages or potential issues.

What To Do

If you’re beginning to notice issues when shifting then it’s important to seek out the help of a trained mechanic. By catching the problem earlier you are more likely to save yourself time and quite the headache compared to dealing with long, drawn out repair processes that can end up costing more and involving the entire transmission.

Kalamazoo’s Mercedes Experts

At Master Mechanics our ASE certified mechanics have Mercedes Automatic Transmission Gear Lever been helping drivers in and around the Kalamazoo area for years. With decades of experience, we know the ins and outs of Mercedes maintenance including how to keep the transmission in tip top shape. We use the latest diagnostic equipment and code reader to determine the exact cause of the issue, this allows us to repair it faster than the competition and at a fraction of the cost of the dealerships. Driving with transmission issues is one of the riskiest things you can do for your Mercedes. Each Mercedes is known for representing a higher class of luxury and performance and you shouldn’t settle for any less.

If you’re experiencing issues shifting and you think it may be the gear selector, another problem with the transmission or if you have any further questions regarding services or to schedule an appointment please call or visit the friendly staff at Master Mechanics today.