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Identifying a Mercedes AirMatic System Failure at the Best Shop in Kalamazoo

Mercedes Benz A-Class Car

Mercedes vehicles are renowned for their dependability and performance, not to mention that they transport you in style and class wherever you need to go. However, attention and routine maintenance are necessary to ensure your Mercedes performs well for many years. Preventative maintenance helps you avoid many problems, including issues with the Mercedes AirMatic system failure. Even in the most sophisticated systems, components can break down and require replacement.

The AirMatic System

The Mercedes brand of vehicles is equipped with an AirMatic system. A cutting-edge air suspension control unit is responsible for controlling this. Air springs and shocks are the system’s fundamental components for absorbing and redistributing road force. These air springs are made of durable rubber. Plastic bags are inflated to a specific pressure to simulate coil springs to create a much smoother ride.

Today’s technology has expanded to include electrical components, sensors, and air compressors with your suspension system. This way, the driver can select a driving mode, such as sport mode. While driving, the air suspension moves and adapts to the shifting road surfaces as necessary, giving you the comfort you expect. When this system fails, you’ll notice the decline in your comfort right away.

Why the AirMatic System Fails

The more you understand the potential causes of this system’s dysfunction, the more prepared you’ll be to get the problem rectified. The following are the most typical reasons why Mercedes’ AirMatic System fails:

  • Low Air Pressure: The suspension’s low air pressure is the most frequent source of failure. The cause of this is a result of a leak, possibly in the compressor or a shock absorber. You have to check the pressure and fill it up if necessary when you notice that your automobile is riding unevenly.
  • Leaking Valve Block: Because it inhibits pressurized air from properly entering the shocks, a leaky valve block will affect the performance of your AirMatic suspension. You can use bubble detection to identify valve block leaks.
  • Damaged Air Suspension Compressor: The air compressor activates when the level control module transmits a signal to the AirMatic control module indicating the car’s body is too low. This compressor is in charge of maintaining the proper vehicle height by injecting air into your suspension struts. However, if it doesn’t switch on or only operates occasionally, it could lead to an early failure of the AirMatic System.
  • Relay valve malfunction: The relay valve regulates airflow to all four air struts (air springs). You would find this valve near the firewall on the passenger-side front fender wall. The suspension may operate inconsistently or fail if a defective relay valve needs to be correctly identified and fixed.

Typical Symptoms Your AirMatic System is Failing

Any of the following symptoms are a good reason to bring your Mercedes to our shop, as there are a few major indications that your AirMatic system could be failing:

  • Rough Ride: Unquestionably, the quality of your ride is the main sign of problems with your AirMatic system. A Mercedes should ride smoothly on almost any surface, but any variance could indicate that the AirMatic technology isn’t working properly.
  • Vehicle Tilt: If one of the air springs in your AirMatic system fails, it could appear like your car or SUV is leaning to one side. Any driver familiar with their vehicle should be able to see this and notice it immediately. Although the tilt won’t be too much, it will undoubtedly affect the ride.
  • Loud sound when you add weight: Whenever you add more weight to your car, such as picking up passengers, listen for any unusual sounds. If your Mercedes’ air springs are functioning properly, they should be able to support the weight. However, when someone gets into your car, if you hear any new noises in the suspension, take it as a warning sign of a malfunctioning
  • Your Mercedes Does Not Adjust: The AirMatic system in your Mercedes may have an electrical issue that has to be identified and fixed if you try to raise or lower it without any response.

Master Mechanics Auto Repair: Your Mercedes Experts

Most drivers hold Mercedes models to a higher Mercedes Suspension Check standard in terms of performance, comfort, and dependability than other brands. As a result, service and maintenance costs may even be higher since drivers frequently go to dealerships for repairs. However, the skilled mechanics at Master Mechanics Auto Repair can repair your model without the exorbitant expenses associated with a dealership. Our team of specialists has helped European auto owners throughout Kalamazoo, MI and surrounding cities for years. We proudly serve clients near Battle Creek and Portage, too. Kindly call or visit our shop today!

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