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When a car is properly maintained, it stays functional on the road longer. Your Saab, like any vehicle, needs regular maintenance to stay in pristine shape. One of the most important aspects of keeping your car maintained is professional auto detailing, as it drastically reduces the chances of your car developing certain problems in the future.  Let’s discuss the intricacies of detailing your Saab and where you can get it done.

What does detailing a car entail?

Car detailing, as opposed to regular car washing, refers to the thorough cleaning of your car to extend its overall quality and lifespan. All the parts of a car that cannot be cleaned by standard cleaning are covered by car detailing.

Detailing is basically deep cleaning your car. It is a multi-step process and it varies depending on the detailer. It typically starts with pre-cleaning, then the vehicle undergoes inspection. Once the assessment is complete, the detailer takes steps to remove any contaminants found previously, correct conditions such as tiny scratches on your car, and apply products to protect your car’s components.

Though detailing is significantly more expensive than talking to your car to the car wash, it is worth every penny.

Why You Should Detail Your Car

  • The appearance of your car is preserved: Though your old car can never be as good as new, detailing can help preserve its appearance, remove minor imperfections and preserve the shine and appeal.
  • The resale value is increased and maintained: If your car is detailed routinely, you have a better chance of reselling it at a higher price than your vehicle’s average. Also, if you detail your car regularly, it will be easier to sell after a few years of owning it, thereby protecting your investment and preserving your vehicle’s value.
  • Safety: Detailing also has some safety benefits. Take glass coatings, for example. It makes driving easier by increasing visibility, especially in wet weather. Also, it reduces the chances of dirt getting on the glass. The wiper also works much better on a coated windshield. Depending on where you live, headlights tend to become cloudy over time. Headlight coating can help correct this, and help you drive safely at nighttime.
  • Health: Harmful microorganisms and allergens like mold and mildew will flourish in your car’s interior when it’s not cleaned properly. Detailing may help prevent bacteria build-up which may cause illnesses and allergies. Also, detailing also helps eliminate unavoidable doors in your car’s interior by removing odor-causing substances.
  • Economy: Detailing your car often actually saves you a lot of money in the long run. You’ll not need to have the car repainted often, or constantly replace the carpets and upholstery. Also, if your car develops engine problems or other similar problems as a result of the rust buildup, it could cost a fortune to get it fixed.
  • Better Engine Performance: Many automotive experts have opined that dirt is one of the major causes of engine wear, not just in the air filter, but throughout the entire engine. Detailing your car’s engine can help remove dirt and oil residue that will otherwise affect your car’s performance.
  • Increased Lifespan: If a car is driven regularly, it will be unavoidably exposed to different elements such as sand, rocks, dirt, and water. The sun is another factor that will cause wear to your car’s coat. Removing these contaminants and adding an extra layer of protection on a routine basis will definitely help to prolong your car’s lifespan.

Scheduling Your Car for Detailing

The common recommendation is that you should detail your car two or more times a year. However, subject to how frequently you care for your Saab, it should be sufficient to detail your car twice a year.

Master Mechanics Auto Repair to Professionally Detail Your Saab

The expert technicians Saab Detailingat Master Mechanics Auto Repair can help your Saab get the services it needs without the high costs of the dealership. Our ASE certified mechanics offer services and repairs to European cars in the Battle Creek, Portage, Kalamazoo, MI area.

We use the latest factory-grade tools and equipment to ensure quality service with each visit. If your Saab is in need of detailing, and you would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at 269-373-9000 or visit us today at our shop!