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Tips to Fix Digital Dashboard Failure in Audi

Audi Digital Dashboard

Since day one Audi has been known as a brand that continues to push the limits of what technology they can integrate into new models. One such innovation has been the inclusion of digital dashboards in some newer models. Digital dashboards replace the old analog displays and feature the usual fuel, speed and temperature gauges but also allow for complete driver customization to include other displays such as maps, music, phone calls and a variety of other options.

While this display allows for more driver control and customization it is more likely to experience issues since it is digital and it’s important to know common issues that can arise and what to do if your Audi’s digital dashboard fails. This article will focus on common problems that can arise and will help you diagnose the problem sooner so that you can have your Audi repaired and performing to the high standard that you expect.

Blown Fuse

If your digital dashboard is experiencing any issues with the display or glitches then it is commonly the result of a blown fuse. Individual fuses can be replaced but the process should always be left to a trained Audi specialist to avoid other electrical system issues. Some signs of a blown fuse can include:

  • Dimmer display screens
  • Flashing/glitchy displays
  • Display screens fully/partially not working

Instrument Cluster

A far more serious problem that will need immediate service, the instrument cluster controls a majority of the icons that the dashboard can display. When there is an issue with instrument cluster failure than the entire instrument cluster will need to be replaced. Trained Audi mechanics should be able to get the job done relatively quick but it’s important that you seek out help as soon as you notice that something is wrong with the digital dashboard. Driving with any unusual displays can be extremely dangerous for you and other drivers out on the road.

Stay Consistent with Updates

As with any software, routine updates should always be expected and with the integration of new technology into each model Audi, yours will require regular updates as well. Including system checks and software updates with your routine maintenance appointments is a great way to make sure that your car is running the latest available versions and is issue/bug free. This may help explain slower or less functional dashboard displays and can help save you a more expensive repair.

Eyes on the Road

One common complaint regarding digital dashboards in Audis and other vehicles is that these digital dashboards can be extremely distracting. With technology allowing for these dashboards to act as an extension for cell phones, drivers are able to check social media, text messages and more that can all lead to dangerous and distracted driving.

If your Audi has a digital dashboard make sure to stay current with updates and other maintenance to ensure that there are no added distractions or issues that can occur while you are out on the roads.

Kalamazoo’s Go to Audi Shop

For drivers all throughout the Kalamazoo area the Audi Digital Display Audi specialists at Master Mechanics have provided superior service and repair for years. Our technicians stay up to date with all of the latest maintenance requirements and methods for each model so whether it’s a routine system check or the digital dashboard is in need of repairs you can count on our ASE certified mechanics to make sure the job gets done the right way. For over 30 years our shop has helped Audi owners in and around Kalamazoo with the same high commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

If your Audi is experiencing display issues or you would like to learn more about digital dashboards then please call or visit Master Mechanics today to speak with one of our Audi specialists today. We’re here to help assist you however we can so that we can get your car taken care of and back on the road in no time.