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Tips to Maintain the Active Body Control System of Your Mercedes

Mercedes Benz A-Class Car

With their rock-solid reputation in the automobile industry, Mercedes has grown to become one of the most successful vehicle brands in the world today. This is because they have continued to reinvent themselves in keeping up with technological advancements. The result of this is Mercedes models that are famed for their excellent performance, durability, safety, and classic elegance. When you couple that with comfort, this becomes the perfect brand in the automobile market.

However, as much as Mercedes models assure durability for car owners, especially if they stick to a regular servicing schedule, these vehicles are not without their faults. While comfort may not make it to the top of many drivers’ concerns, for Mercedes drivers, comfort is everything. Anything that compromises this expectation creates a huge problem. This is why the active body control system is synonymous with Mercedes models.

Functions of the Active Body Control System

The active body control system is the vehicle component that is responsible for ensuring that the car has little to no body rolls when on the road. Body rolls can occur when the vehicle is negotiating a corner or during hard braking. The ABC system, as it is also known, also ensures that the vehicle is raised or lowered in relation to the weight of the load in it. This makes it possible for the vehicle to achieve improved handling and fuel efficiency in the long run. In adjusting the height of the vehicle, according to the load it is carrying, the ABC system makes it a lot easier for the vehicle to adapt to different driving conditions, creating fuel efficiency and improved driving.

Active Body Control System Faults

The active body control system is not immune to faults and can begin to fail over time. These faults can have devastating effects on your driving experience. They can arise due to a number of reasons. Top among the possible causes of ABC system failure is leaking hydraulic fluid. The ABC system depends on hydraulic fluid. This is kept at a specific pressure all through the system, which adjusts the suspension.

Leaking hydraulic fluid interferes with the pressure in the suspension, which in turn causes the active body control system to become faulty. Even with regular servicing, wear and tear becomes inevitable in your Mercedes. This can be a huge contributing factor to the leaks that affect the performance of the active body control system.

Effects of Active Body Control System Faults

Problems in the active body control system can manifest in a number of ways. The most common manifestation is the extreme lowering of the vehicle which happens over time. When the car has been parked for a while and you find that one it has dropped closer to the ground than it usually is then the ABC system is faulty.

Tips to Maintain the Active Body Control System of Mercedes

The most common tip to ensure that the active body control system in your Mercedes stays in top shape is sticking to a regular servicing schedule. Just because it’s not broken yet doesn’t mean it won’t break in the end. Getting proper servicing from a certified and experienced Mercedes specialist for your car is more prudent than getting general servicing from a mechanic with no specialization. This is because the different customizations of the Mercedes brand may require a little more precision that only a mechanic with Mercedes experience and skill may be able to deliver. Also, keeping the hydraulic fluid clean and in perfect condition will also prevent debris from accumulating in it. Proper maintenance will prolong the active body control system’s functions.


In the event that you notice lowering of your car, Mercedes Hydraulic Fluid Check your next stop should be the auto repair shop. Ignoring the problem will not only make your driving experience bland but can also expose your car to further damage that could be costly in repairs. This, among other Mercedes repairs, is the reason why Master Mechanics Auto Repair is proud of what we do. We have serviced numerous vehicles in Kalamazoo, MI. Give us a call today and our capable technicians will take it from there.

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