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Volvo’s Transmission Maintenance Tips from the Experts in Kalamazoo

Volvo Gear Change Issue

Your Volvo is a speciality vehicle, which means it deserves the best care to serve you faithfully for years to come. Modern Volvo vehicles come equipped with “lifetime” transmission fluid. However, despite the “lifetime” guarantee, you should still come in for routine checks and maintenance to ensure your vehicle runs at top performance. A lifetime guarantee simply means that your transmission fluid should last the length of time your car is usable. However, if you were to consult with the manufacturer, they might have a different timeline on how long your car is supposed to last, and thus how long the transmission fluid is supposed to last.

When to Check Your Transmission Fluid

Even though there is a lifetime guarantee, that doesn’t mean you should leave your Volvo unserviced or uninspected. Fluid breaks down over time, so though it may last a long time, it may still break down quicker than expected. The transmission’s gears will wear down naturally, and it is the fluid’s job to lubricate and keep them functioning properly. Transmission fluid also helps control friction and cools the gears. Transmissions and transmission fluid is not subject to as harsh of heat as other components of the car, so it needs to be changed less often. Typically, you’ll have your transmission fluid checked every 50,000 miles as per factory suggestion.

However, because of the break down of the gears and of the fluid over time, you may notice a shift in your vehicle’s performance. Whether it is lurching, sluggish movement, or a problem with changing gears, it may be best to have your transmission fluid checked sooner to see if that is the cause.

Leaks and Debris in your Transmission Fluid

It is recommended that if your Volvo vehicle is showing the signs of transmission wear, you should see a certified mechanic immediately. If the quality is beginning to suffer, it may be due to a leak of the transmission fluid or high amounts of dissolved particles in the fluid itself. If performance is suffering, it may be recommended to have the fluid drained and replaced and any leaks sealed. Even if there is a “lifetime” guarantee, the quality of the fluid can be compromised the longer your Volvo is in use.

Volvo Certified Mechanic Care

While most mechanics would be able to help you with possible transmission issues or a transmission fluid flush, it is recommended that for specialty or foreign cars like Volvo, you see a certified mechanic for all repair and service needs.

Import vehicle brands like Volvo are built with high-quality parts that require specific maintenance needs to perform at their optimal level. Going to an auto shop that specializes in import cars is a good idea, as they likely know more about the make and model of your specific car better than a mechanic who hasn’t serviced an import vehicle before.

It is always beneficial to have someone who knows your car inside and out while servicing and repairing issues. It can be hard to know what your car needs, but with experts who are certified in the specific make and model of your car, you can be sure that the problems won’t recur.

Master Mechanics Auto Repair Will Maintain Your Volvo

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