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What Leads to Porsche Fuel Pump Leaks in Kalamazoo?

Porsche Fuel Pump

To get the best performance and driving experience from your Porsche, you need to make sure nothing impedes the flow or air or fuel to the engine. A mixture of oxygen and gas is needed for the combustion process, which is what powers the engine and all its connected systems. Therefore, if the fuel supply is lacking, you can expect to find your Porsche drops dramatically in performance and power.  Fuel pump leaks are a leading cause of fuel system failure, so let’s take a closer look at this issue.

The Cause of Fuel Pump Leaks

The cause of fuel pump leaks is actually very straightforward, as there are only a few likely causes. The first, as with all car parts, it age. If your Porsche is a classic model, then it may be that the fuel pump has simply become worn and developed holes which allow fuel to leak.

In the case of modern cars, fuel pump leaks can be a direct result of the part’s design. All fuel pumps feature a hole at the bottom of the part known as the weep hole. The weep hole is needed because it collects excess fuel from internal mechanism leaks and allows it to escape from the vehicle, both preventing risk from fuel contamination and creating an opportunity for the driver to spot fuel on the ground below their Porsche.

Fuel pump leaks can also occur because of rust around the metal tubing, which connects to the pump, as well as a poor seal between the tubing and the rubber hose at their union. This is more common in older vehicles, though cars which are driven hard or have been involved in a minor bumps might develop this problem.

Signs of Fuel Pump Leaks

There are two main signals that your Porsche has a leaky fuel pump, which are as follows:

Poor Fuel Economy

A faulty fuel pump can cause a lot of fuel wastage as fuel is able to leave your Porsche freely. Modern Porsches should easily be able to achieve around 20 miles per gallon of fuel, and hybrid models should be able to travel 45 miles on a single gallon. If this dips 5 or 10 miles below the average when driving under normal conditions, then it is worth taking the time to investigate the fuel pump, as this will save you spending lots of money over time through frequent refuelling.

Fuel Leaks Under your Car

Having parked you Porsche for a few hours or overnight, check under your car for signs of fuel leaks. Unless a catastrophic failure has occurred, you won’t be looking for a large puddle and instead may only notice a few drops. You may also be able to pick up on a smell of fuel, similar to when at the gas station. As gasoline is easily ignited, you need to respond quickly to any sign of fuel leaks, even if minor.

The Importance of Fuel Pump Repair

As we’ve mentioned, gas is flammable, and your Porsche is packed with all kinds of things which could cause it to ignite such as heat, friction, and electrical sparks. Therefore, driving a vehicle with a fuel pump leak can be an accident waiting to happen. Even if the pump’s weep hole does its job and allows the fuel to leave your car, it will still leak onto the road, creating a potential hazard for other motorists. Therefore, you need to be responsible when faced with fuel pump leaks and seek repairs quickly to keep your car safe, both for you to drive and other motorists too. You’ll be saving yourself money in the long run too, as while fuel pump repair can be more costly than other forms of maintenance, it will save you money in the long run, as you’ll need to refuel far less frequently.

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