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When Should Service the Fuel Injector in Your BMW?

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The BMW is known as a luxury vehicle with sleek leather interiors and top notch engineering and design. For decades, people have flocked to BMW for their quality; people enjoy the performance aspect of the brand and it is known as a company that produces extremely well-made cars. In addition, the company is always innovating and coming up with new and more efficient ways of designing their cars. Even though BMW generally pays close attention to detail, there are a lot of moving parts in a car, and as cars age, there are things that may begin to fail overtime.

One common issue that BMW owners have complained about is problems with the fuel injector. The fix for an issue with the fuel injector system is to make sure you are getting regular services and maintenance. Like most issues with cars, they can either be prevented or caught early if you are taking proper care of your car and are following the manufacturer’s guide for scheduled checkups. In your car’s manual, there is a section that will inform you of what will need taking care of in your vehicle. By getting your car serviced regularly, you can maintain performance and avoid any costly repairs that are a result of neglecting your car.

What Causes the Fuel Injection System to Fail?

Over time, the fuel injection system in your car will pick up particulate matter from the roads. Generally these contaminants are dirt and sometimes even carbon. When these start to build up, it can cause your car to perform at a lower quality. Since the BMW’s notoriety is built on the vehicle’s excellent performance, when the performance starts to lower, it can be frustrating. The way to fix the issue with your car’s fuel injection system is to get it cleaned.

In addition to road contaminants, another cause is with the fuel itself. Sometimes fuel is not the quality you need in order to keep a clean fuel injection system. This is not something that you can prevent, since it is from the fuel itself. Something people can work to prevent is making sure that the engine bay is clean and is not filled with dirt and leaves. Simple maintenance like this can help maintain your car’s performance and will decrease the frequency of having to service or replace the components of the fuel injectors.

Common Signs of a Faulty Fuel Injection System

There are some common signs that will start to present themselves when you need to service your fuel injection system. The main sign will be lowered overall performance in your car. If you notice your car isn’t running like it used to and it doesn’t have the same power it had when you first got it or if you’re having trouble BMW Fuel Injector when it comes to accelerating, it could indicate that it is time for you to get the fuel injector system cleaned. Another sign is that you will notice that you are not getting great gas mileage. If you start to notice that your car isn’t starting properly or you begin to feel shaking when your car is idling, it might mean that your car is in need of a fuel injector cleaning.

The best thing you can do for your car is maintain it. Check it regularly to make sure that there isn’t dirt or leaves where they shouldn’t be and that your car is getting serviced when it is supposed to. It is important to have a mechanic that you trust to give your car the care it needs.

If your car is starting to show signs of a faulty fuel injector system, it is important to take your car into the shop for an inspection. The mechanic will be able to tell you if it just needs a cleaning, or if something needs to be replaced. The longer you wait, though, the more expensive the repair could get. Here at Master Mechanics Auto Care, we can tell you what the best course of action is for you and will likely be able to pick up on any early issues that are developing in your car.