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Why is the Check Engine Light More Important in a Saab

Saab Check Engine Light

When a check engine light comes on in any car, it is cause for concern. Though you may love your Saab to the ends of the earth, the brand is known for having some quirks when it comes to the inner workings.

Because of these foibles, your Saab’s engine may not always be reliable. However, you can keep your car healthy and running smooth with some understanding of how it alerts you to its need for maintenance and repairs.

It is crucial that you bring your Saab into a trusted repair shop when the check engine light illuminates on your dashboard. When this warning light is ignored or goes unnoticed, it can compromise your Saab’s driving performance and safety.

Let’s take a closer look at why it is important to heed the warning of a Saab check engine light.

Possible Reasons Why the Check Engine Light is On

There are several reasons as to why your Saab’s check engine light was triggered, all of which demand immediate attention. The check engine light is part of the OnBoard Diagnostics (OBD) system. It is activated when a problem is detected.

The common reasons your Saab’s check engine light is on could include the following:

  • Faulty fuel injector: Often, the Saab turbocharged engines have issues with the fuel injectors, leading to excess exhaust smoke along with rough running and starting.
  • Worn out spark plugs: If this is the issue you may notice slower acceleration, idling, and that the engine is misfiring.
  • Cracked or loose hoses: Though you can temporarily patch a crack or hole in a hose, it isn’t safe to drive with this issue and should be professionally fixed.
  • Dirty mass air flow sensor: This can be easily fixed with the right cleaner.
  • Anti-brake system failure: The check engine light may come on alongside the ABS warning light. If this happens you will need to bring your car into the shop as soon as possible.
  • Loose gas cap: Luckily this reason is an easy at home fix.
  • Broken gas cap: This can be easily replaced with the right cap.

Though there are more reasons for the check engine light to come on than those listed above, the above-mentioned issues are the more common problems.

Some of these issues can be asymptomatic, as you may experience your Saab rough idling, having a hard time reaching top speed, engine misfires, excess smoke when starting up or while driving, and several other concerning indications.

If the check engine light in your Saab is flashing (instead of a constant light), it means the engine is struggling and could result in catastrophic damage. In this case, you should take or tow your Saab to the repair shop immediately.

As mentioned before, the check engine light is part of the OBD system. In Saabs, the faulty code is stored in the OBD system. With the purchase of an OBD-II scanner, you can read those stored codes and identify the problem. This can make your trip to the repair shop quick and smooth and have you back to that high performance and safety standard.

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