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Have you been experiencing some problems with your Audi, like poor acceleration or stalling, and you aren’t able to figure out what’s causing them? It could be a problem with your car’s camshaft position sensor. This sensor helps your car run efficiently, so any problems with it could have some effects on your car’s gas mileage.

We’ve written this article to help drivers like you who want to get the most out of their luxury vehicle. We’ll explain how to identify and subsequently deal with camshaft position sensor failure in your Audi, but first we should have a good understanding of how the sensor works and what it does.

The Purpose of the Camshaft Position Sensor

There are several different sensors throughout your car that serve to improve your vehicle’s efficiency. These usually communicate with the car’s engine control module. The camshaft position sensor tracks the position of the camshaft so that the correct amount of fuel and spark enter into the combustion chamber.

The camshaft controls the input of fuel and ignition and output of exhaust. In order for this to be done most efficiently, the engine control module needs to know exactly at what point in rotation the cams are on the camshaft. The camshaft position sensor communicates this information.

How the Camshaft Position Sensor Fails

Like most electronic parts in your engine, the camshaft position sensor will start to deteriorate the older it gets. The camshaft sensor can fail from normal wear and tear or can be damaged if you get an accident. Oftentimes, the sensor will give you a warning before it completely stops working.

Common Symptoms of a Bad Camshaft Position Sensor

There are a few ways that you can look out for problems with the camshaft position sensor. Every driver should pay attention to their vehicle’s performance and keep a keen eye on any issues that may arise, and this is even more true for drivers of high-performance vehicles such as Audis.

Here are a few common symptoms of a failing camshaft position sensor:

Poor Acceleration

Because the camshaft position sensor is critical in delivering the right amount of fuel and ignition to be combusted and produce power for your car, if it starts to fail, your car will lose power. If you notice a sputter, it could be due to a bad sensor.

Check Engine Light

The check engine light is a driver’s best friend and worst enemy. It will seriously clue you in to any issues that may arise before they become very serious. Obviously, the check engine light can be illuminated for a countless number of problems, but if it comes on and you notice any other symptoms, there is likely an issue with the camshaft position sensor.

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

A failing camshaft position sensor reduces your car’s ability to efficiently use gasoline, so you may notice yourself filling up on fuel more often.

Gear-Shifting Issues

The transmission in your Audi uses data from the engine control module to inform its gear shifting. A failing camshaft sensor can keep from transmission shift solenoids from operating and thus lead to gear-shifting issues.

What to Do When the Camshaft Position Sensor in Your Audi Fails

When the camshaft position sensor fails, it needs to be replaced. Depending on your specific model of Audi, the camshaft position sensor is probably located on top of the block or cylinder head. A new sensor will generally cost around $100, depending on the brand and location of purchase.

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