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Expert Help for a BMW Faulty Knock Sensor in Kalamazoo

BMW Faulty Knock Sensor Sign

You may not realize it, but there are many different parts in your BMW that are intended to make your life easier. All of the sensors within your BMW’s engine are there to alert you to potential problems, so that you don’t have to wonder if your BMW is functioning as designed.

The knock sensor’s job is to alert you about engine knocking before it becomes incredibly severe. This sensor also informs the engine control module of any steps to be taken to adjust ignition timing. If it stops working, you may have no clue that something is wrong before it’s too late.

This article is intended to help you spot a faulty knock sensor, explain how they are repaired and replaced, and give you some advice on what to do if you live near Kalamazoo and have a faulty knock sensor in your BMW. First, let’s understand what an engine knock is and the purpose of the knock sensor.

BMW’s Engine Knock Sensor

Engine knocks occur when there is an extra ignition within the cylinder. There is a resulting sound and reaction that follow, which sound like knocking. Engine knocks are related to high temperatures in the engine.

Following an ignition from the spark plug, it creates a flame in the cylinder. Sometimes that flame is too big and creates enough heat and energy that a second reaction occurs. When this happens, the increased pressure from both reactions run into each other, and this creates the knocking sound.

Purpose of the Knock Sensor

The knock sensor is basically a small listening device that detects unusual vibrations in your engine. When it recognizes this pattern, the knock sensor relays this information to the engine control module, which is similar to the brain center of your BMW. It decides whether or not ignition timing adjustments need to be made.

The knock sensor will alert you if your car is knocking. This serves as a secondary measure, as you will likely also hear the knock or ping before you notice the warning light that will become illuminated.

Symptoms of a Faulty Knock Sensor

When the knock sensor is working properly, it will signal the check engine light to illuminate. Your BMW will also go into limp mode. It decreases power to avoid continued knocking. However, if the sensor has failed, the knocking will continue, and you will not see the check engine light illuminate.

Another symptom of a faulty knock sensor is that you simply feel that your car is not driving right, or that it feels like your car is exceptionally heavy or exceptionally light. This is due to issues with acceleration that arise from a broken knock sensor.

What to Do If Your Knock Sensor Isn’t Working

If the knock sensor isn’t working, you need to either fix it yourself or get a trusted mechanic to take a look at it immediately. If you don’t head to a trusted mechanic, there could be some severe internal damage done to your BMW’s engine. Nobody wants to see thousands of dollars go down the drain, so it’s best to take your BMW to the shop.

The technicians will remove the knock sensor, typically located near the head of the engine in BMWs. After greasing the threads of the new sensor, they will screw it into place as far as it will go and connect the wiring harness. This is not a difficult repair but it requires knowledge of your BMW’s intricate parts and components.

The Best Place to Replace Your BMW’s Knock Sensor in Kalamazoo

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