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Maintain an Efficient Battery System in Your Volvo in Kalamazoo

Volvo Battery

Volvo has a distinctive reputation as the premier European vehicle designer for advanced safety features and environmental care. These exceptional cars will transport you in style and comfort using today’s sophisticated technology. Adhering to a recommended routine maintenance schedule, using technicians who specialize in European automobiles, will sustain the reliable performance you expect from your Volvo.

Whether you’re driving a classic model or a newer, energy-efficient Volvo model, battery maintenance remains fairly straight-forward. Being able to identify a few simple signs will alert you to when it’s time to visit a skilled technician.

Recognizable Signs Under The Hood That Your Battery Needs Attention

You can expect a new Volvo battery to last 3 to 5 years. However, we don’t recommend waiting that long to take a peek at it under the hood. A periodic visual examination can indicate if your battery is still healthy or ready to be checked by a professional mechanic.

Acid Buildup

Over time, it is common for battery acid to build up around the connectors. This will appear as a bluish-green crust where the cables attach to the terminals. A minor amount can be gently brushed away with a nonmetallic paint brush or toothbrush. Any more than that should be addressed by a certified Volvo mechanic.

Battery Cables

The cables that are attached to the positive and negative terminals are prone to loosening and corrosion. Look at their connections to the battery terminals to ensure they are tight. Then check the end connections that will be bolted in various locations near the battery compartment. These should be tight as well.

Battery Compartment

Give your battery compartment a careful visual inspection. Any cracks or swelling could mean your battery is failing.

Performance Indicators That Your Battery Needs Attention

Unfortunately, those visual indicators of battery condition aren’t always fool-proof. Experiencing any of the following issues are immediate signs to visit a mechanic specializing in Volvo maintenance.

Dim Interior and Exterior Lights

You might think it’s your eyes at first, but soon you’ll realize that your headlights really are dimmer than normal. You may also realize that the display lights of your Volvo interior are not as bright as usual. This indicates your battery is not transferring enough current to these electrical components. It is recommended that this safety concern be addressed quickly.

Car Hesitates Upon Ignition

A sure sign that something isn’t quite right is hesitation upon ignition. This could be a sign that the battery is drained or it could be something more significant. A certified technician can diagnose this issue for you.

Car Won’t Start At All

Worse than a hesitating start is a no-start condition. You may hear only a series of clicks when you turn your key in the ignition or you might hear nothing at all. Either way, you’ll need to have it inspected at a trusted shop. Most people will try to jump start a car that isn’t running, and this is a great solution to get your car to a reputable repair shop as quickly as possible. You may be tempted to roll the dice with a quick jump and forego an inspection, but this is not recommended. You could find yourself stranded.

Factors That Can Increase A Battery’s Life

There are several steps you can take to get the most out of your battery’s three to five year life span:

  • Minimize exposure to extreme temperatures to avoid excess strain on the battery.
  • Drive it at least 15 minutes per week or use a battery charger when that is not possible.
  • Test the battery voltage regularly.
  • Limit frequent short trips, which discharges the battery without giving it an opportunity to sufficiently recharge.


You should never touch your car’s battery unless you have been educated on the proper way to do so. This is especially true for jumping a dead battery, which creates an enhanced risk of electric shock. Also, batteries contain sulphuric acid which can cause serious burns.

Master Mechanics Auto Repair Will Keep Your Volvo Battery In Optimal Condition

Our team of ASE-certified car specialists at Volvo Battery Voltage Check Master Mechanics Auto Repair have decades of experience working with all Volvo models. We’re committed to providing your vehicle with ongoing routine maintenance that will keep it performing safely and reliably. We are proud to offer quality European mechanical service to Battle Creek, Portage and Kalamazoo, MI. Call us today for an appointment.