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Jaguar F-TYPE Car

Jaguar is a special and luxurious British car brand known over the years for innovative designs. One of the special features of the car is the failsafe engine mode. The failsafe engine mode is a special feature that reduces the engine risk of system failures.

How this works is that when the system fails, the failsafe mode is activated automatically by the ECM. This decreases the risk that the engine failure might cause the car by reducing the car speed and limiting some features of the vehicle.

With this feature turned on, you may be able to drive safely until you get to our auto center. This feature works automatically and kicks in once the system starts to misbehave. Driving with the failsafe engine mode turned on may cause your vehicle to move slowly, so it is important to get to our repair center once you notice that it has turned on.

Your Jaguar may show some signs of struggle when this mode is turned on. Some of these signs are listed below.

Signs of Failsafe Mode Activation

The following are signs that the failsafe engine mode has been activated in your Jaguar.

  • Check Engine Light: As soon as the engine failsafe mode comes on, the check engine light also comes on automatically. This alerts you that something is wrong with your engine and the system is trying to protect itself from even more costly damage.
  • Faulty Cruise Control: A faulty cruise control is an indication that your engine is in failsafe mode. This happens because some of your car features are limited when in failsafe mode.
  • Transmission: If you can not shift the gears of your Jaguar to a higher one, it indicates that your car is in the failsafe engine mode. This prevents your car from moving at a very high speed, causing more problems to other components if it’s operating at a higher speed.
  • Engine unable to start: If the computer system senses that your vehicle is not safe to move, the failsafe mode comes on and prevents the engine from starting in severe cases. This could be a result of serious electrical, engine, or other problems.

Causes of Engine Failsafe Mode

The engine failsafe mode in your Jaguar may be triggered as a result of a damaged component in your Jaguar, like the timing belt or chain, camshaft or crankshaft, oil pump, or any of the other internal components of the engine. Damaged transmission components such as the torque converter, seals, inner gaskets, the input shaft, mechanical gears, or even a damaged flywheel or driveshaft.

Sometimes, if the electrical connection to a sensor is damaged or there is a sensor failure, the failsafe mode may be activated accidentally.  To know the actual cause, you need to take your car to a professional jaguar technician who would check and diagnose the source of this problem.

How to Diagnose the Engine Failsafe Mode in Your Jaguar

To diagnose this issue, your mechanic downloads the error codes that are stored in the ECU or PCM, because it is the ECU that controls the engine failsafe mode. If you are not an expert in Jaguar vehicle repair, it would be difficult to diagnose the actual cause, so you must take your Jaguar to a trusted Jaguar repair specialist to diagnose and correct the underlying issue.

Master Mechanics Auto Repair Will Diagnose and Fix Your Jaguar’s Engine

If the failsafe engine mode is turned on in your Jaguar, Jaguar Timing Belt Inspection you may also need to pull your car off the road and have it towed to our Jaguar repair specialist for diagnosis and repair. Detecting the problem early enough would help keep your Jaguar on the road. When you notice this problem, visit us at Master Mechanics Auto for diagnosis and repair.

At Master Mechanics, we have expert technicians who understand how to provide preventive and corrective care to your Jaguar vehicle. We have a lot of knowledge and experience that makes us the best repair shop in all of Portage, Battle Creek, and Kalamazoo, MI. All our mechanics are ASE-certified and make use of the most up-to-date OEM tools and equipment to provide the quality service we are known for. Call us today!

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