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How to Deal with Front Strut Failure Issues in Volvo

Volvo Front Strut

Volvos are long-lasting automobiles with engineering designed to promote dependability. When properly maintained, these vehicles are known to last hundreds of thousands of miles. However, damage to one of your Volvo struts is prone to make a smooth ride very uncomfortable.

The fundamental purpose of struts is to support the vehicle’s weight while it travels. Struts are also designed to absorb any impacts from road hazards, ensuring that your Volvo rides smoothly.

Outside energies are absorbed by pistons built into the struts. When a strut fails, the car’s ride becomes rough, and road irregularities are sensed in the cabin as you drive.

Causes of Front Strut Failure Issues

Hitting curbs when you’re making turns is a common cause of strut breakage in your Volvo’s suspension system. Your tire will contact the curb if you make too sharp bends, resulting in a damaged strut.

Another common cause of front strut failure on your suspension system is hitting a pothole at high speeds.

The suspension of your car will degrade more quickly if you drive near saltwater or in cold areas where the roads are salted. Corrosion will eventually cause the sections beneath your Volvo to completely wear away, rendering them ineffectual at cushioning your ride.

Signs of Front Strut Failure Issues

A few signs of front strut failure include:

  • Knocking noises: When a bump is hit while driving, the struts are solid units that allow the chassis, wheel assembly, and body to move together. When the strut begins to wear out, it will make a loud knocking or clunking The strut contains an inner shock, bushings, and other supporting components that wear out over time. The metal-to-metal contact causes the banging sound that is typically heard when compressed. If you hear a knocking or clunking sound near the front or back tires, it is most likely because your struts are worn out or broken.
  • Floating front end: A floating front end, or when it pulls to one side, is another sign of a damaged strut assembly. This is usually an indicator of a defective front-end alignment, although the problem is usually caused by a worn-out strut assembly.
  • Bumpy ride: A rough or bumpy ride might also be an indicator of worn out or damaged struts, which is similar in cause to the first listed sign. It could also be a sign of other sections of the strut assembly, such as bushings, shocks, or the strut’s mounting hardware. In either case, a significantly harsher ride is one of the first things you will notice when the strut is worn out or broken. When your struts have failed, you will most likely feel every bump and crack in the road.
  • Drifts: This is a regular occurrence in vehicles with suspension problems. As you softly hold the steering wheel, your car should not drift side to side when traveling straight. You may have strut or other suspension issues if you find yourself pulling your automobile back into your lane.


Having your Volvo maintained according to the manufacturer’s specifications is the best method to avoid strut failure.

By getting your car checked and maintained on time, professionals who are familiar with Volvos will evaluate your struts and the rest of your suspension for potential problems. Recognizing and resolving an issue before it completely fails is a surefire method to keep you on the road and save costly damage repairs later.

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