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Learn About Land Rover’s Steering Shaft

Land Rover Steering Shaft

Land Rover produces luxury SUVs that have fantastic off-road driving applications. On top of that, they are known for giving drivers a great ride on the streets. The superior engineering of the Land Rover is responsible for this, particularly in the steering and suspension systems. However, no vehicle is perfect, and sometimes parts fail or experience problems because of normal wear and tear. One such potential issue is with the steering shaft. In this article, we will discuss the steering shaft of your Land Rover, potential problems with it, and how you can fix them. Here we go.

What is the steering shaft?

The steering shaft is an integral component of the steering system of your vehicle. It is connected to the steering rack at its top, and to the steering rack at its bottom. When you turn the steering wheel, the steering column moves with it and performs the task of moving the wheels in the specific direction that you determine. Being a premium vehicle, not only does the steering wheel adjust for the driver, but it can also telescope in the steering column for added comfort and convenience. If the steering shaft fails, however, not only will vehicle performance be affected, but steering wheel adjustment as well. That said, let’s discuss some problems that can occur with the steering column of your Land Rover.

Potential Problems

There are a number of problems that can occur with your Land Rover’s steering shaft, since it is connected to numerous other interlocking parts in the steering system. One such problem is that you might hear loud noises when turning the steering wheel. This usually happens when turning at low speeds, especially around sharp corners. It usually sounds like a deep creaking.

Another possibility, if your steering shaft is malfunctioning, could be that the wheels will turn in one direction or the other sporadically when going over bumps or steering humps. Although the problem could also be due to an alignment issue, either way, it’s important to bring your Land Rover to a trained professional for diagnosis and repair when you notice this issue.

The most common problem resulting from steering shaft failure is the malfunction of the tilting and telescoping mechanisms. It either gets stuck in one position, or the position lock fails and it drops to the bottom out of nowhere. Needless to say, you wouldn’t want this to happen while you are driving. This will usually also leads to an inability to adjust the steering wheel at all, or on the opposite extreme, it could cause the wheel to move freely without engaging the lever.

All of the above problems are caused by a misalignment or failure of one or more components in the entire system in relation to the steering shaft. All of the parts must align properly in order to work together.

Signs of Steering Shaft Problems

The following are signs and symptoms for which you can be on the lookout to get an indication that your steering shaft is failing:


Definitely don’t overlook grinding noises that happen when you turn the steering wheel. Even if your Land Rover is a little older, you should not hear creaking, squealing, grinding, or any other noises like this when turning the wheel.

Difficulty Turning

Turning your Land Rover should be a breeze and feel totally natural. If you have to put elbow grease into turning the wheel, it could very well be related to a steering shaft problem.


When your car veers to the right or left, either while driving on a level surface or after going over a hump, then you should be concerned about steering shaft failures.

Steering Wheel Lags in Return

Another potentially dangerous problem that could occur as a result of steering shaft issues is that the steering wheel will not return to center position after turning. When coming out of a turn, if you let go of the wheel and it does not return automatically, then it’s time to take the car to a trained professional for service immediately.

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