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Reasons Behind Transmission Issues in Your Jaguar

Jaguar Transmission

Problems with your vehicle’s transmission can leave your car so damaged that it may not be able to drive. This is because the transmission is the part of the vehicle that allows for the direction of power from the engine to the driveshaft, turning the wheels of your Jaguar. Without it, you would quite literally lose control of your car.

The best way to prevent issues arising with your transmission is to simply adhere to a regular maintenance schedule. Regular visits to an experienced technician will guarantee that all preventative measures are taken to avoid the unfortunate failure or damage to your Jaguar. However, if you have been unfortunate enough to encounter transmission problems whether you regularly service your vehicle or not, here are some signs to keep an eye out for to clue you in to what may be going on with your Jaguar.

Types of Transmission Issues in Your Jaguar

Since the transmission is such a central element to the functioning of your vehicle, there can be many different types of problems that occur. Recognizing the symptoms and reasons behind these issues may help you to know the urgency with which the problem needs to be solved.

That being said, it is never advised that you continue driving with a compromised transmission. This can endanger you when you operate your vehicle. So upon noticing any of the following signs, please call a licensed professional as soon as possible and never attempt to diagnose these issues without the help of an expert.

Low Fluid Levels or Leaks

This is by far the most common type of transmission problem. It is quite self-explanatory: This problem arises when there are low levels of transmission fluid. Leaks can occur due to wear or damage to the transmission or driveshaft over time. Gasket seals also need to be replaced every now and then or they may begin to degrade in quality and leak as well.

Another reason behind low transmission fluid levels is an occurrence called “cross-contamination.” This is when coolant from the vehicle’s radiator somehow mixes with the transmission fluid. What this does is effectively dilute the transmission fluid with coolant, thereby lowering the amount of pure transmission fluid available. This occurrence severely compromises the efficiency for your Jaguar.

Symptoms that arise from low fluid levels include gear slippage or slow shifting. It is important to check with a professional if you are noticing these symptoms. The extent of possible contamination of transmission fluid will determine the intensity of service for your transmission.

Failing Torque Converter

Issues with the torque converter is another highly-common problem with the transmission due to damage or failure, most often stemming from worn or damaged needle bearings. Needle bearings are used in many different parts of the vehicle, but in the transmission specifically, they are used to reduce friction while the vehicle is in operation.

When the needle bearings are exposed to too much heat, you will start to hear strange noises (i.e., grinding) emitted from the transmission, especially when shifting gears while driving. These noises won’t be as apparent when the car is in neutral.

Problem With the Solenoid

The solenoid of your Jaguar’s transmission is the part responsible for shifting gears for you. This works along with the car’s computer, specifically the transmission control unit, and with many other components. This then allows the vehicle to gather information to send power to open the shift solenoid, which then transfers the transmission fluid into the valve body. This all comes together to provide enough pressure for the transmission to shift gears.

Clutch Issues

This component can be found inside of the torque converter and works very closely with the solenoid. If it becomes jammed, this prevents the solenoid from properly functioning and results in the miscalculation of the amount of transmission fluid to be allowed into the torque converter. Because of this, this issue will have similar issues to that of low fluid levels.

Have Your Jaguar’s Transmission Issues Fixed

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