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Where to Get Trusted Service for Your BMW’s Bad HVAC Blower in Kalamazoo

BMW HVAC Problems

When you get in your BMW on a warm day, nothing feels better than bumping up the air conditioning and feeling the cool air blowing across your face. When your HVAC blower does not work, your comfortable BMW interior can easily turn into a sweltering furnace in the summer, or an iceberg in the colder months. No one wants an HVAC blower that is not living up to your climate control needs. In this article, we will help you understand what causes problems with your HVAC blower and direct you the number one service provider in Kalamazoo and surrounding areas.

What is an HVAC blower and how does it work?

BMWs are known for providing some of the best climate control versions of all cars available. This is the result of a powerful and high-quality HVAC blower. The blower is what is responsible for forcing the cooled or heated air from your air conditioning unit through the vents. The blower is adjusted using the climate control knobs on your dash.

Testing Your HVAC

You do not need a specialized certification to do preliminary tests of your HVAC blower and AC system. Follow these simple steps to test your blower and gather important information you can provide your technician.

  • Slowly adjust the blower from off to high, pausing at each level. Pay attention to the sound and level of air that is coming from your vents. (Be sure your vents are open.) You should notice a slight increase in the air flow at each level as well as an increase in the sound of the blower.
  • Check for a change in temperature when you switch your climate control between each of the settings, including air conditioning, heating, and defrost. Make a note of any unexpected changes or lack of changes that occur. (Be sure that your vehicle’s engine is warm before checking the temperature of your heater.)
  • Check for consistent airflow at each fan level. This includes all settings. Make sure to disengage any automatic climate control settings and use manual settings to monitor for airflow consistency.

What causes HVAC blower failure?

In addition to damage as a result of issues from other engine components, an HVAC blower usually fails for one of two reasons. For newer models, you will likely find that the relay is the culprit, while older BMWs may be the victim of age and regular use. Read on for more details on each of these.

Blower Motor Relay

The most common failure of an HVAC Blower is due to the blower motor relay. This component is the electrical part that sends the information to the blower motor, depending on the settings that you select on your climate control dashboard. When this component goes bad, it is unable to correctly send the necessary information. You may initially notice a slight delay when changing settings, though not always when this electrical part is beginning to turn faulty.

Age of Your HVAC Blower

The unfortunate reality is that not all parts on most vehicles are made to last as long as others. If you live in areas that require regular blower adjustments, this will result in more wear to the HVAC blower over time, resulting in failure. Often this failure occurs nearly instantly, though a delay may be noticeable in some instances. Most commonly, you can detect a drop in airflow.

If you have noticed any of the above issues, be sure to contact us today for a full HVAC checkup.

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