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Signs of Loose Front End Steering in Your Mercedes from Certified Mechanics in Kalamazoo

Mercedes Loose Steering Wheel

For any Mercedes owner, it can be disappointing for the front steering wheel to become loose. It may sound like a simple problem but the results of a loose front steering wheel can have extensive damages or worse; it can lead to a car crash.

The front steering system in your Mercedes is both for comfort and safety. Because the front end steering acts as the link between the suspension system and the chassis, it ensures that you enjoy the comforts that are the appeal of the Mercedes. The front end steering also plays an important role in the navigation of your car. This is what enables you to safely make turns to change direction as well as switch lanes as you need.

For this reason, a loose front end steering can cause a driver to lose control of the vehicle. This is the most dangerous thing that can happen to any driver on the roads, especially on a busy highway. Let’s take a closer look at why the front end steering can become loose and ways you can recognize the problem before it causes an accident.

Reasons for Loose Front End Steering

Natural wear and tear is the main cause of front end steering problems in your Mercedes. The front end steering is made up of smaller parts which include tie rods, drag linkage, axle rods as well as several arms. This natural degradation negatively impacts your vehicle’s tie rods.

The tie rods are found at the tail end of the drag linkage, where they act as the connection point between the steering wheel and the wheel hubs. These tie rods often move constantly as you drive your Mercedes, meaning they are often exposed to friction. This is why you should ensure that these tie rods get sufficient lubrication to reduce this friction. Otherwise, the tie rods will wear out much faster, creating other problems.

Your Mercedes front end wheels can also become loose because of worn out ball joints. These ball joints are responsible for linking the wheel hubs to the suspension system. What’s more, the teeth in the steering gear box may go out of sync or change between the rack and the pinion after a period of driving. This will also cause the front end steering to become loose.

Symptoms of Loose Front End Steering

When the front end steering in your Mercedes becomes loose, you will notice some changes in your driving experience. These can include what is often described as excessive play in the steering. This is a situation where you turn the steering wheel in your cabin, but you do not get much movement from your car’s wheels. This will be clear if your steering wheel turns by at least more than one inch without changing the direction of the wheels.

You may also notice that your steering wheel will be loose to the touch, almost like it’s slipping. This is often an indicator of faults in the steering parts such as the steering racks.

There may also be some excessive vibrations in the steering wheel. These vibrations are often from the worn out parts in the steering wheel. These worn out parts can also cause strange noises in your steering wheel as you try to make turns. You will need a professional to confirm that the vibrations are not from wheel misalignment instead, as this problem presents in the same fashion.

Also, a problem with your steering wheel will also cause your car to skid as you drive, in some cases. This will happen when you are trying to turn in one direction but the car will skid instead because the wheels aren’t turning properly.

Master Mechanics Auto Repair: Professional Repair of Your Steering Problems

When your front end steering feels loose, you Mercedes Worn Out Ball Joints must take your Mercedes to a certified mechanic who specializes in the Mercedes brand and its models. If you’re in Battle Creek, Portage or Kalamazoo, MI, Master Mechanics Auto Repair is here to help you and get you back on the road safely. Reach out to us as soon as you experience the problem and we’ll help you fix it.  Call us today or come in to speak with our knowledgeable technicians.