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Where to Go in Kalamazoo to Replace the Ignition Module of Your BMW

BMW Ignition Module Issue

BMWs may experience ignition module failure resulting in the need for replacement for several reasons. The ignition module is an important component of a BMWs ignition system. It is also known as the ignition control module and is a computer that regulates the spark generation of the engine. Drivers often refer to this component as the “breaker box” of the ignition system, as it is responsible for turning on and off the ignition coil.

BMW ignition module failure

The ignition module is imperative in starting your vehicle. Without it, you cannot go anywhere. As with any part of your vehicle, your BMW will display warning signs to notify you on your dashboard that there is a problem in your vehicle. Below, we’ve created a list of the most commonly-reported signs of an ignition module failure:

  • Engine problems: While this may seem fairly obvious, engine problems are among the most reported vehicle disturbances, pointing drivers to believe the ignition module is failing. Among these problems reported are a loss of vehicle power and a significantly decreased overall fuel economy.
  • Engine stalling: A poor connection or corroded wires within the electrical wiring of the ignition system leading to the total failure of an ignition module resulted in a stalling BMW engine. This is often one of the first signs reported by drivers.
  • Overheating: An overheating engine is not hard to spot. Most commonly, drivers will begin to see the temperature gauge on the dashboard of their BMW climb higher and higher outside of a normal range. When an ignition module begins overheating, it is not able to function properly, which leads to poor engine performance, engine stuttering, engine stalling, smoke being emitted from under the hood, or even fuel odors being released through the exhaust.
  • BMW not starting: Inevitably, the total failure of your BMW’s ignition module will result in your vehicle not being able to start, leaving you stranded where you sit. Your BMW may still crank but the spark needed to ignite the engine will not be sent from the ignition module. As a result, the ignition module must be replaced, no question about it.

Maintaining a Properly-Functioning Ignition Module

It is imperative that you keep up with manufacturer-recommended maintenance intervals to ensure the lifespan of your BMW. When having your vehicle inspected or maintained by a highly-skilled mechanic, ensure they are checking over the vehicle’s spark plugs and battery as well.

A faulty battery is a common culprit of an overheating ignition module. In addition, faulty spark plugs result in poor engine performance and even engine stalling. If the spark plugs are not in good condition, the ignition module may have trouble sending the signal required to ignite the ignition system starting your BMW.

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