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The Consequences of an EGR Valve Failure in Your Fiat

Fiat EGR Valve

The EGR valve is the Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve. It is a part of your car’s exhaust system, which is the system that keeps your engine running smoothly and quietly, and allows combusted and uncombusted gases to escape the car.  An EGR valve’s basic function is to take small amounts of exhaust and “recirculate” them back into the combustion chambers in your car’s engine. The purpose of this is to decrease your engine’s combustion temperature, in order to avoid buildup of nitrous oxides that produce smog.

Warning Signs that Your EGR Valve is Failing

Below are the most common warning signs that your Fiat’s EGR valve is failing. If you notice these, set up an appointment at Master Mehcanic’s Auto Repair.

  • You can smell fuel: One of the most common and yet the most concerning and strange ways people notice something is wrong with their EGR valve in their Fiat is a burning smell in the car. The smell of fuel as you drive can be the result of the exhaust not being recirculated properly. If you smell fuel, your EGR valve might be the cause of it.

    This is the result of not all of the exhaust gases being disposed of properly. Some find their way into the intake manifold or the part of an engine that supplies the fuel/air mixture to the cylinders. If you smell fuel when you shouldn’t make sure your EGR valve is functioning properly in your Fiat.

  • Your check engine light illuminates on and stays on: This is often the result of an EGR valve that is either stuck open or closed. There are many reasons for a check engine light to stay on, however, so keep this in mind before jumping to conclusions.

    This is often one of the final signs that your EGR valve is failing. The EGR valve does not break instantly. It is more of a gradual process of deterioration. This means that a lot of the other symptoms on this list will come before the check engine light comes on. Be wary of this, but know that it is more than likely going to come in conjunction with other symptoms, with the others coming well before the check engine light.

  • A banging or knocking noise comes from your engine: Sometimes a car engine can begin to make a banging or knocking noise as it runs. This could be the result of an EGR valve that’s stuck closed. The reason this happens is because you can hear the sound of fuel igniting early at low RPM as the closed EGR valve can not help regulate the combustion temperature of the engine.

    Although very alarming, if your Fiat makes a knocking noise as you drive, make sure to figure out if it is your EGR valve or a different problem, then immediately take strides to fix it.

  • More fumes coming out of your tailpipe: This could be the result of an EGR valve that’s stuck open. This is due to the lack of combustion allowing unburned gases out of the back. If your Fiat is releasing an abnormal amount of smog, or NOx gas, it is more than likely the result of an open malfunctioning EGR valve.

How does a deteriorating EGR Valve affect your Fiat?

A broken EGR valve not only negatively Fiat EGR Valve Inspection affects the exhaust system, it can cause engine problems. These often lead to your Fiat having reduced fuel efficiency, reduced acceleration, and reduced power.

This can be a problem with your car’s performance and economic efficiency/ gas mileage, and it can also be dangerous if you need to speed up but your Fiat cannot meet your demand.

It also causes the carbon emissions of your Fiat to increase, which is not only bad for the rest of the environment, but it’s also going to stink up your driveway or garage.

We will repair your EGR Valve in your Fiat

If you see, hear, or feel any of the above symptoms in your Fiat, bring it into Master Mechanics Auto Repair. We can fix it quickly with quality parts and expert service. We have locations in Battle Creek, Portage, and Kalamazoo, Michigan. Visit Master Mechanics Auto Repair for all your Fiat’s EGR valve needs and all service requirements.