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Tips to Prevent Air Suspension Failure in Your Mercedes from the Top Experts of Kalamazoo

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Although Mercedes air suspension systems are known for being innovative and durable, they are not immune to failure. Just like the rest of the components in your Mercedes, the air suspension system requires regular maintenance and preventative care to stay in working order. If it doesn’t receive this care, it may malfunction and cause significant damage to both you and your vehicle. To help you avoid this, here are some tips on how to best prevent air suspension failure:

Common Causes of Air Suspension Failure

Because your Mercedes air suspension is a highly complex system, there are several factors that may cause it to fail. Perhaps the most common cause of air suspension failure is air spring leaks.

Whenever you drive your vehicle, its suspension system is put under a great deal of pressure, and eventually, this pressure may cause the rubber air springs to deteriorate and leak air. If this happens, your vehicle may begin to sag, and you will likely start to feel every bump in the road while driving.

Another common cause of air suspension failure is a malfunctioning airflow compressor. Your Mercedes airflow compressor is responsible for pumping air through the rest of its suspension system, and over time, it may develop blockages. Alternatively, it may also wear out from being overworked, which can lead to a decrease in air pressure or even complete system failure.

A third potential cause of air suspension failure is problems within the air shocks. Often, these problems result from incorrect component installation while the vehicle is on the assembly line. However, they may also result from normal wear and tear or damage sustained in an accident. Regardless of their cause, faulty air shocks can be quite problematic, as they can cause your vehicle to tilt, sag, and ride less smoothly.

Finally, issues with your Mercedes air suspension relay can also cause the system to fail. The relay is the switch that controls the system, and if it is overworked, it can shut down. Fortunately, broken relays are quite simple to replace, making this problem one that can easily be handled by your local mechanic.

Preventing The Problem

When it comes to preventing air suspension failure, there are two major steps that you should take: avoiding rough, debris-filled roads and regularly taking your vehicle to a mechanic for routine maintenance. As discussed above, most air suspension problems result from pressure on the system. Regularly driving your Mercedes on uneven roads significantly increases this pressure, so if you wish to keep your Mercedes air suspension in good condition, you should aim to drive it on smooth, clear roads.

Additionally, because air suspension failure may result from components such as the compressor or the relay giving out, it is vital that you regularly take your vehicle in for routine maintenance. Not only will this allow your mechanic to replace system components before they give out, but it will also give them the chance to catch minor air suspension malfunctions before they grow worse. In the long run, this can save you a lot of time, money, and hassle.

What to Do When Prevention Isn’t Enough

Unfortunately, the above steps may not always be sufficient to prevent air suspension failure. Accidents are inevitable, and sometimes components malfunction for no obvious reason other than natural wear and tear. If this happens to you, do not attempt to solve the problem yourself, as air suspension systems are complicated.

Trying to fix this complex system without experience could damage both you and your vehicle. Instead, you should take your vehicle to a professional technician, who will be able to solve the problem both safely and efficiently.

How We Can Help

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