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Where to Bring Your Jaguar in Kalamazoo to Fix Air Suspension Issues

Jaguar Air Suspension Warning

Your Jaguar is most likely fitted with an exceptional air suspension system. It plays a crucial role in your overall control of your steering and how well your suspension mitigates dips and bumps in the road for your cabin comfort.

The air suspension system uses air springs, consisting of plastics and rubber with an airbag system. It is connected to an air compressor and electric controls. The air suspension system replaces the coil system with air springs. This entire setup is powered by an electric pump or compressor.

The function of the air suspension system is to maximize the overall performance of your Jaguar as it moves over road imperfections. The air suspension also uses compressed air to reduce your vehicle’s height. The air suspension absorbs shocks and distributes it evenly in your Jaguar’s suspension constantly as you drive.

Let’s have a closer look at some major components of an air suspension system:

  • Coil springs: The coil springs of the air suspension system is the part that absorbs the gravitational force or the impact when your car hits a bump.
  • Shock absorber: Shock absorbers are also referred to as dampers. These work hand in hand with the coil springs to reduce the impact of bumps and dips in the road.
  • Linkages: Linkages/rods are parts of the suspension system that link the various parts of the system together.
  • Joints/bearings: This part of the suspension system allows free movement. They serve as pivots and ensure easy gliding of the suspension system where it needs to flex and move.

Signs of a Faulty Air Suspension System

As you drive your Jaguar daily, the suspension system gets utilized day by day and sustains some wear and tear. Driving into potholes and bumps or crashing into an obstacle takes a toll on the suspension system. Once this happens, there are various signs to look for to detect a faulty suspension system to avoid further damage and extreme situations.

  • Bouncing excessively over road imperfections
  • Sagging on one side or a corner of your Jaguar
  • Creaking or squeaking noises over bumps and dips on the road
  • Unusual noises when turning corners
  • Inability to keep your car in its lane without excessive steering
  • Clunking noises when you hit a bump

If you notice the above signs when driving your Jaguar, it is prudent to bring your car into our shop for an inspection of its airbag suspension system. If the compress is faulty, it may not hold up the corner of your car properly. If a component is broken, it can cause your Jaguar to sway slightly in the lane or when cornering. This can become a major problem, so if you suspect something is amiss, it’s best to have it inspected by Jaguar experts.

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