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Indications that the Shifter and Transmission Valve Need Correction in a Porsche

Porsche Gear Slippage

The shifter and transmission valve are both essential components of your Porsche’s transmission. While the driver uses the shifter to change gears, the transmission valve is the brain of the automatic transmission that allows smooth shift to the appropriate gear. The failure of either of these two components would hinder the proper functioning of your transmission.

Understanding the Shifter and Transmission Valve

The gear shifter, also known as gear selector in an automatic transmission, allows the driver to shift between gears in either a manual or automatic transmission.

On the other hand, the transmission valve is located on the bottom of the side of an automatic transmission and is covered by a fluid pan. It is the control valve or brain in the transmission. It contains a maze of channels and passages which helps to direct hydraulic fluid to different valves for clutch engagement and smooth gear change.

Common Signs of Shifter and Transmission Failure

These components could develop problems due lack of proper lubrication, old age or fluid contamination. The good news is that whenever there is an issue, there are some telltale signs. They include:

Delayed shifter indicator

This is the most common issue you may encounter with your transmission shifter. A delayed shifter indicator happens when the indicator does not correspond with the shifter position, confusing the driver about the actual position of the shifter. This is usually as a result of a broken shifter cable, failed neutral safety switch or a warped shifter assembly.

Delayed Garage Shifts

Delayed or harsh shifting is one of the most common indicators of a failing transmission valve body. A garage shift is when your Porsche has a delay in moving in the lower gears, such as from park to reverse, reverse to neutral, etc. Shifts that are abrupt or shift delays that extend more than a few seconds are unusual and signal a potential problem.

Strange noises

Unusual sounds from your Porsche when accelerating, slowing down, or reversing signal a faulty transmission valve body. These noises stem from bad valves knocking against other components. Strange sounds or unusual noises should not be ignored so that the situation does not deteriorate.

Gear Slipping

Most times, gear slippage is not usually an indicator of a faulty valve body. It is usually due to low transmission fluid or worn transmission bands. However, a failing valve body cannot be ruled out whenever you encounter slipping gear while driving.

When accelerating, if the gear shifts quickly and you begin to decelerate, you most likely have a transmission problem. Involuntary acceleration also signals that you may not have complete control over the transmission system. Slipping gears is a major safety concern and should be attended to promptly.

Fluid Leaks

The transmission system in your Porsche requires a specific type of fluid to function correctly. The fluid may begin to leak if the system is broken. The presence of red or brown pools in parking spots, such as a garage or driveway, usually indicates a fluid leak. It is crucial to fix these leaks as soon as possible for effective running of your transmission.

Shift Flares

When a transmission is in good operation, the RPMs should drop on an upshift to match the higher gear between each shift. A shift flare occurs when the engine’s RPMs rise and revs up between gears. A shift flare in your Porsche while you accelerate, is a clear indicator of a failing transmission valve body.

Burning Smell

Overheated fluid is one of the most common reasons for a burning transmission smell. The transmission fluid plays a critical role in lubricating and protecting your Porsche’s transmission system. When the lubricating abilities of your transmission fluid deteriorate with time and miles, it allows detrimental friction between other parts. Friction causes parts to break down and debris and sludge to build up, leading to a complete transmission failure.

Master Mechanics Auto Repair Will Help

A Porsche is a high performance vehicle that Porsche Transmission Valve Body Checkrequires quality service to match its performance. It can be quite frustrating for Porsche drivers when a transmission valve failure occurs. Early detection and treatment of symptoms can help keep repair costs low and keep your vehicle out of the workshop for an extended period.

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