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How to Fix Your Volkswagen’s Broken Rear Springs from the Best Repairmen in Kalamazoo

Volkswagen Broken Rear Springs

Rear springs are an especially crucial part of a car’s suspension, and they must be kept in pristine working order to avoid any potential problems. These springs serve a vitally important purpose as they are designed to absorb minor impacts when driving. These impacts can be flaws in the asphalt, bumps in the road, railroad tracks, potholes, among other things.

The springs also maintain your car’s elevation, keeping it level even when sitting on flat ground. Problems arise when the springs become damaged, worn, or broken. Compromised springs can cause the car to rub against the tires as well as make the car ride much rougher when traveling over bumps and rough spots in the highway. They can also cause significant issues with steering which can lead to potentially dangerous conditions while driving. In this article, let’s look at broken rear springs and where to go for help.

How Do Rear Springs Break?

There are several reasons why the rear springs may break in a Volkswagen. Malfunctioning parts in the suspension system can cause stress or put extreme pressure on the springs causing them to be damaged. While this does happen occasionally, it is more common to see broken rear springs due to external factors.

Road conditions and careless driving make up a large portion of these factors. Various cars are designed with stronger suspensions for travel over rougher terrain. However, when your vehicle is not designed for such driving and you continue to do so, you can damage the rear springs. Driving at a high speed over speed bumps, potholes and other imperfections in the road can also wreak havoc on the springs in your Volkswagen.

The condition of your tires also contributes to the overall performance and health of the suspension system. Tires that are old and worn unevenly cause misalignment. This misalignment can create wear and tear, even breakage of the springs. Your tires should be replaced as soon as needed and wheel alignment should be checked regularly to ensure proper driving conditions.

Symptoms of Broken Rear Springs

  • Unusual clunking or rattling noises when driving over bumps and uneven terrain.
  • One corner of the vehicle is sitting lower than the other. This can affect the braking and steering mechanisms during operation.
  • Steering may become significantly more difficult, driving around curves may not be smooth. This is very dangerous, as proper steering is the key to driving safely.

While vehicle repairs can be done at home, replacing broken springs can be a complicated DIY project. In fact, it can be dangerous because of the amount of pressure that is stored in the compressed coil.

Specific procedures and care must be taken when working with this coil to avoid injury. If you wanted to attempt such a repair you would need a coil spring compressor, jack with jack stands, a ball joint remover as well as the replacement springs and other various tools. Such a project could take several hours and must be done in a proper and safe location.

You may not be able to fulfill all these requirements. Although there will be labor fees and costs for parts, you may find it more cost effective and less stressful to have the replacement work completed by professionals.

Rear Spring Replacement by The Best Repair Shop in Kalamazoo

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Suspension maintenance is key to improving ride, safety, and overall handling. It is recommended to replace the springs in pairs and also replace the shocks simultaneously. You can trust our team to identify, repair, and/or replace any rear spring problems your Volkswagen may be experiencing.