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Jaguar Air Suspension Problems in Kalamazoo

Jaguar Air Suspension

Your Jaguar’s air suspensions may not be its flashiest feature, but it’s still critically important to the safety and performance of your Jaguar. You already know that because your Jaguar is engineered with the finest European technology, you’re driving a very delicate machine. What you may not know is that it’s also prone to some uniquely delicate issues that are not common to more average vehicles.

Trouble with your air suspension is one such problem, and if your Jaguar is experiencing this issue, it’s important to get it fixed right away. Otherwise, you’re going to be experiencing an increasingly bumpy ride as the suspension system continues to degrade, which can eventually affect other systems as well. So, if you want to learn more about air suspension problems, how they’re caused, and how to fix them, all you have to do is keep reading.

What is an Air Suspension?

Put in the most simple definition, air suspensions are designed to enhance the function of your Jaguar’s suspension systems. Suspension systems are designed primarily to keep your drive safe and smooth by absorbing impact and protecting the undercarriage from hitting the ground. And although every car has a suspension system, as a driver of a Jaguar, you know that the Jaguar’s suspension system has to be unique to create that distinctive, smooth ride. That’s because your air suspension is comprised of a system of air bags which work with a compressor to fill the bags up and lift your Jaguar off of the four wheels so you absorb less of the everyday impacts of driving.

So, while your Jaguar’s air suspensions may differ from traditional suspensions in terms of their components and the way in which they accomplish their goals, one thing all suspensions have in common is their need for regular maintenance.

Symptoms of Air Suspension Failure

If your air suspension is struggling, you’ll notice a few obvious signs. Here are the things to look out for:

Suspicious Sounds

Unexplained noises coming from your car is never a good sign, but when they occur while your car is off, it’s especially concerning. Usually, a dead giveaway of air suspension failure is a hissing air leak sound that occurs even while your car is off. This happens because air suspension trouble can prevent your system’s compressor from being able to shut off, thanks to an air leak in one of the air suspension airbags.

Differences in Suspension Handling

One of the most telling symptoms can be found in a sudden difference in the way your car is handling. If you notice a significant and unexpected change in performance—and particularly a bumpier ride—this is usually a clear sign that something is amiss with your suspensions.

Low Suspension

Visibly low suspension is one of the most obvious signs as well as a guarantee that your suspension problems are escalating. If you find that your car suddenly looks lower than usual or appears to be resting heavily on all four wheels, this is an automatic cause for concern. Once your Jaguar reaches this state of decline, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to drive it well—or at all. This can be considered the emergency phase of air suspension trouble, and should be addressed by a professional as quickly as possible.

How You Can Fix Air Suspension Problems

If any of these symptoms are happening to you, Jaguar Air Suspension Check it’s vital that you get them fixed right away to avoid compounding damages, which can result in higher repair bills. Rather than attempting to fix it yourself, it’s best to leave the matter in the hands of a trained and trusted mechanic. And if you’re in the Battle Creek, Portage, or Kalamazoo areas of Michigan, those trained mechanics can be found at Master Mechanics Auto Repair. With over 40 of experience in specializing in European automotives, whether you want your vehicle in ‘like new’ condition or to just keep it safe and reliable, Master Mechanics can handle the job. So, if you’re experiencing any of the air suspension troubles we’ve mentioned, don’t wait – call us immediately to schedule a consultation and let us give your Jaguar the TLC it deserves.